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Connie Amongi – Bright Kids Uganda

Beginning in the late 1980’s much of Uganda’s population endured many horrors at the hands of the Joseph Kony and his Lords Resistance Army. Thousands of people were killed, children were abducted and more than 1.7 million were forced to flee their homes during Kony’s reign.

Connie was one of the thousands of children who were impacted by the atrocities of the LRA. Connie grew up in northern Uganda. As a young girl, she witnessed her father murdered and her mother captured by the Lords Resistance Army. She and her brothers and sisters were left with no parents and no home. They were rescued by Victoria Nolango Namussisi, who runs Bright Kids Uganda, a children’s home for abandoned children. At Bright Kids Uganda Childrens home, Connie was provided food, shelter and school fees so she was able to continue her education. Despite her challenges, she is now happy and has completed her university studies with a degree in agriculture.

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