ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples


ASA believes that through education all children have a chance to realize their full potential. The reality for the majority of the students who are supported by ASA’s partner organizations, who have either been orphaned or abandoned, is they do not have families to support their education. These children have found a home with ASA’s partner organizations, however funding and support is needed to meet the educaitonal needs of these children. For the children supported by ASA’s partner organizations in Uganda, this means finding scholarship money to support the educational needs of hundreds of children, and funding for the school supplies needed. Students are required to bring all their basic needs, including clothing and shoes, bedding, school uniforms, and toiletries.

The ASA focus is on the educational needs of these hidden peoples specifially:

  • Children and adults who are disabled and have special needs
  • Children who are homeless, victims of conflict, HIV/AIDS and/or impacted by extreme poverty
  • Children with physical and/or behavioral disabilities
  • Minority populations

Current Projects and Partner Organizations

Bright Kids Uganda

Bright Kids Uganda is a children’s home located near Entebbe, Uganda. The mission of Bright Kids Uganda is to rescue vulnerable and economically disadvantaged children from the dire circumstances in which they are currently living by providing them with an education, medical care, a loving home and other basic necessities.

Bright Kids Uganda’s vision is to establish long-term community-based homes for orphaned, abandoned and neglected children and to provide them with loving support, education, job training and medical care.​

To learn more about BKU visit their website.

Great Kings and Queens

The Great Kings and Queens Children’s Centre is located outside the city of Kampala, Uganda. Great Kings and Queens is a primary school and home for street children from Katwe slums located in a rural community outside of Kampala, Uganda. War, HIV/AIDS, starvation, abuse and murder are just some of the factors that orphan children and force them to the streets in Uganda.

The mission of the Children’s Centre is to provide educational and housing support for children have been impacted by extreme poverty, were former street children or from families who are so poor that they cannot support them.

Noah’s Ark School for Special Needs

Advocates for Children with Disabilities & Noah’s Ark School for Special Needs is a facility located in Entebbe, Uganda. The mission of Advocated for Children with Disabilities is to provide emotional, medical and educational support to severely disabled children and their families.

Noah’s Ark is a boarding school that is home to 42 children ages 3-24 with physical or intellectual disabilities. Noah’s Ark, where the motto is, “Disability is not Inability,” seeks to utilize resources efficiently to build the capability of the many children it serves by developing a trifecta of the children’s social, academic, and occupational skills in order to transform them into productive members of society.

To learn more about Noah’s Ark visit their website.

No Bad Kid

Based in Budapest, Hungary, No Bad Kid offers direct services to kids with serious behavior issues, to provide methodology training to professionals working with such youths, and to work with existing schools and other agencies on institutional development to improve their structures to better serve traumatized kids.

No Bad Kid is also in the process of developing #RoadON, a social entrepreneurship program, to provide first work experience and equip youths graduating from its programs with employment related skills.

To learn more about the work of No Bad Kid visit their website.

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