This blog serves the purpose of opening the window into the lives of hidden and vulnerable peoples. These peoples are not served by their countries social support systems. The ASA focus is on the basic human, health and educational needs of these hidden peoples including, but not limited to:

  •  Adults and children who are disabled and have special needs 
  •  Women, children, and men who are victims of gender violence 
  •  Children who are homeless, victims of conflict, HIV/AIDS and/or impacted by extreme poverty. 

ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples supports activities in the following priority areas: Education, Economic Empowerment, Social Enterprise Development, Health and Basic Needs, Water and Sanitation, and Special Projects. Through our work and projects in these 5 priority areas, ASA has encountered many peoples whose stories deserve to be told. With each blog post we hope to give our readers a glimpse at the true stories of these hidden peoples’ lives. We hope you will follow our journey of hope, triumph, and tragedy.