ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples


  • Combining social entrepreneurialism with philanthropy, in order to provide support for income generation
  • Ensuring all people have the right to access work
  • Providing access to health and education
  • Ensuring all have reclaimed basic human rights and are entitled to human security

Overview of our organization

Latest News

In this national webinar from April 24, 2020, ASA’s Dr. Louis Picard and Pauline Greenlick lead a guided, film-based discussion surrounding the lives of three Ugandan teenagers. Click here for more information.


ASA Directors Pauline Greenlick and Dr. Louis Picard recently spent a month in Uganda, launching and completing a series of projects aimed at improving the lives of Hidden Peoples. From conducting seminars on micro loans geared to help victims of physical attack and oppression, to starting work on a documentary about victims of a “hidden” war, it was quite a productive month.

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