ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples


  • Combining social entrepreneurialism with philanthropy, in order to provide support for income generation
  • Ensuring all people have the right to access work
  • Providing access to health and education
  • Ensuring all have reclaimed basic human rights and are entitled to human security

Latest News

The ASA Annual Report for 2019 is now available. Click here to download a PDF of the document. Highlights include the distribution of 36 micro-loans, and the facilitation of 15 emergency grants and 10 development grants.


ASA Directors Pauline Greenlick and Dr. Louis Picard recently spent a month in Uganda, launching and completing a series of projects aimed at improving the lives of Hidden Peoples. From conducting seminars on micro loans geared to help victims of physical attack and oppression, to starting work on a documentary about victims of a “hidden” war, it was quite a productive month.

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