October 2019: Victoria Nalongo Namusisi Visits Pittsburgh

ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples is hosting Victoria Nalongo Namusisi, Co-Founder and Director of Bright Kids Uganda, during her visit to Pittsburgh in October. Bright Kids Uganda has been ASA’s partner since 2008.

Victoria will be in Pittsburgh from October 3, 2019 through October 30. During that time she will speak at various events including visits to University of Pittsburgh and Carlow University. Victoria will also meet with Heavens Family of Pittsburgh (Bright Kids Uganda supporters) and also with volunteers and interns who are interested in working in Uganda in 2020.

From left: Pauline Greenlick, Warren Rotary representative Julia Wetstein, Victoria Nalongo Namusisi, Dr. Louis Picard
Victoria is thrilled to receive such a large check, on behalf of Bright Kids Uganda