Did you know the name Asa represents benevolence and the spirit of giving and help? This is why we chose to use the name of this African Spirit in our name.

As a reflection of this, we would like to share some great successes we have achieved with the generous contributions of you, our supporters!

Last fall, we initiated our Emergency Fund, and have given out 10 small grants to support several “hidden peoples” in crisis situations.

Earlier this Spring, we initiated our Development Fund, and are poised to give out our first 2 small grants to support projects at our partner organizations in Uganda.

This year, we hope you will join us in celebrating these successes in honor of the 76th birthday of Asa Social Fund Founder and President, Dr. Louis Picard. This anniversary is not only honoring his life-long commitment to support vulnerable people, but also in celebration of his 11 years in working with Bright Kids Uganda, the relationship that planted the seeds for founding Asa Social Fund for Hidden Peoples. The anniversary is even more special this year as Victoria Nolango Namusisi, Director of Bright Kids Uganda will be receiving an honorary degree from Carlow University in Pittsburgh, PA this May as well.

Will you join us in celebrating these milestones and accomplishments? With support from you, one of our aims is to build on the success of both our Emergency and Development funds. By building these funds, we hope to be able to provide support to even more hidden peoples and the organizations that support them

I hope you will consider to honor this anniversary with a gift of financial support to ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples:

  • A gift of $250 would enable us to provide either one emergency or development grant
  • A gift of $76 in honor of Dr. Picard’s 76th birthday would enable Asa to support basic needs for 1 child
  • A gift of $54 would contribute to a special fund for micro-credit loans and honor his 54 years of work in Uganda
  • A gift of $11 in honor of ASA’s anniversary of working with BKU will support Asa’s projects in many areas

You can use the link provided below to make a contribution or mail a check to our address. A contribution of any size will help Asa build on these successes already in place, and help us continue to serve the most vulnerable.

We thank you for your support of ASA Social Fund for Hidden Peoples and hope you will consider a contribution this year.

Sincerely yours,

Madeline A. Greenlick
Program Manager

Make your contribution via credit card:

Checks can be mailed to:
ASA Social Fund For Hidden Peoples
1323 Fairstead Lane
Pittsburgh, PA 15217