Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
by Natalie Bencivenga
October 20, 2014

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Photo by Julie Rendleman

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What: Bright Kids Uganda and Dream Catchers Films Present: “Under the Umbrella Tree.”

When and Where: Oct. 12 at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater, East Liberty.

A Celebration of Hope: Roughly 70 guests came to support the film’s premiere, enjoy an African market and meet Victoria Nalongo Namusisi, founder of Bright Kids Uganda, a children’s home in Entebbe for 90 abandoned youth. A silent auction helped raise $6,000 for the charity.

What’s Going On: More than 2.5 million children are orphans in Uganda, 1.2 million to HIV/AIDS. This documentary, directed by Leonard A. Lies and produced by University of Pittsburgh’s Louis A. Picard, follows Ms. Namusisi’s journey from growing up as a poor fisherman’s daughter to becoming district manager of Uganda.

And now a moment with … Victoria Nalongo Namusisi:

What inspires you to help these children? “The fact that children can move from a state of partial death to a place of health and hope inspires me every day. I believe so much in our motto ‘one child at a time … together we can make a difference.’ ”

How do you divide your time among 90 children? “It’s hard. I try to treat them all equally. I always wait at home to give them hugs and kisses as soon as they get back from boarding schools. They all need my love. I have more time with the babies since they are with me all day.

Your future goals? “Fighting more to reduce the cause of child abandonment [poverty], corruption, gender violence, and empowering more single mothers to take charge and be in control of their lives and those of their children through income generating activities.”