ASA supports the health and basic needs of vulnerable populations in Uganda and Hungary. Some of the most vulnerable populations in Uganda are not served by the Ugandan social support system. ASA seeks to address the following:

  • Delivery of health services for vicitims of domestic violence and acid attacks
  • Occupational support services for children with disabilities
  • Food insecurity
  • Other Basic Needs (bedding, sheets, clothing, etc)

Current Projects & Partner Organizations

Occupational Skills Training

​​​​​Noah’s Ark intern Brittany Cheeks developed a pilot program to develop social and life skills with the high functioning youth. Her work focused on students who were able to clearly communicate, required minimal to little assistance in self-care, and capable of caring for themselves. She identified two boys, Johnathon (17) and Dereck (16).

The program was designed to instill life skills now, and to eventually graduate from the Noah’s Ark, obtain jobs, and live independent lives. Each week they focused on a theme such as communication and confidence and a math concept like time or counting money. On Fridays, they took a field trip to different locations in the community. The field trips included the grocery store, mall, and carpenter etc. Both young men eventually acquired a part-time job at a nearby car washing bay where they were able to practice their skills and earn money.

ASA seeks to support further development of this pilot-program.

Alleviating Food Insecurity

There is a food crisis for a number of our Ugandan partner organizations. This becomes especially critical while students are home from their studies: ASA’s partners in Uganda face an increased need for food and other supports, as the populations they serve directly dramatically increase.

Food Shortages challenge all Ugandans throughout the year as well. Ugandans suffer from food shortages due to the following challenges even beyond the current urgent need of our partner organizations.

  • Severe Inflation
  • Impact of Regional Wars
  • Refugee Presssure
  • Drought

Basics in developing countries are food and water. Please consider pledging your support and make a contribution today to support the Ugandan organizations ASA has partnered in their attempt to address “the basics” in support of our homeless children, gender violence survivors and other HIDDEN PEOPLES.