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“One Day in the Life of Eddy" Wins Awards and Recognition at Film Festivals

One Day in the Life of Eddy is about a brave boy who is determined to succeed, despite his physical disabilities. Unable to use his legs, he crawls for 45 minutes to get to school. Eddy is one of 2 million Ugandans with physical disabilities.

The film is an International Screenwriters’ Association / WriterDuet package winner, and has received an Honorable Mention by the New Faces New Voices Film Festival.

It was chosen for inclusion in WRPN.TV’s Short, Tight and Loose Global Film Festival, and also the Gold Movie Awards Film Festival. The films are produced by ASA’s Pauline Greenlick. Click here for the video.

Pauline was interviewed by New Faces New Voices about her documentary. Click here to visit the ASA Facebook page and search for the May 6, 2020, post. 

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